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In the market to buy a home

In the market to buy a home? What is the first step to consider before starting the process?

The number one item to check off your list when starting the process is to hire the right Agent and team! After you have found the Agent/Team for you, then the real process starts. Its time to begin the research for the neighborhood(s) you are looking to move into. The cost of living comparison for different cities or neighborhoods in your local market will provide you an idea for the average price of homes, gas and utilities. You also want to know what denominations are in your area and where they are.
For someone who has small children, having an idea of surrounding Day Care Providers, as well of cost will help narrow down the area you potentially would like to live in. For local school ratings you can reference online studies and what you already know of the different schools yourself. It is best to have an idea of any environmental issues in your area that are going to significantly lessen the population in that location.
If you are interested in the ‘night life,’ its great to know about all the restaurants in the area as well as places to shop! The job market in the local area, who employs the most people in your ares? It is a great idea to know what job sectors are considered “growth” industries right now in the area as well! Commuting? Transportation and parking, does your area have a good public transportation system?

So many of these come into play when buying, its permeant you do your research and have the best Agent/Team out there!

By Katelyne Rusenko

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