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    Decluttering Jobs To Get You Organized

    We start the new year
    with high hopes
    of weight loss or
    eliminating unhealthy habits. At
    home, thoughts turn to slimming
    down too. Minimalism is trending
    now as stuff has overtaken our
    homes, making them an unruly
    mess. This year, take on small
    decluttering jobs that you can
    do quickly rather than massive
    undertakings. Over the year, it can
    result in a pared down home that’s
    lighter and more organized.

    The countertops in bathrooms
    are often overflowing. Buy a
    stackable countertop organizer
    that can corral beauty items.
    Better still, borrow an idea from
    the kitchen and install pull
    out drawers on a free weekend
    afternoon. This will enable you
    to pull out items, see what’s on
    hand, and keep the counters clear
    and neat. Edit the shower and
    cabinets, tossing out any unused
    bathroom items. Even if you paid
    good money for the shampoo that
    never lathered, you’re not getting
    your money’s worth if you’re not
    using it. Dump the contents and
    recycle the containers.

    Take a cue from hotel rooms,
    and work to clear off the tops of
    dressers and tables. If you use lots
    of nighttime lotions and potions,
    put them in a decorative box or
    basket that that keeps them neatly
    in one place. If shoes are spread
    out on the floor, contain them in
    a tub that’s tall enough to hold
    them, but still slip under the bed.
    Work at paring down artwork and
    pictures in the bedroom. Opt for a
    simpler look to make the bedroom
    into a tranquil oasis. Place a box
    in the bedroom closet to collect
    clothing to donate throughout the
    year. Be sure to edit the linen
    cabinet, throwing out worn,
    mismatched or damaged sheets
    and towels.

    Install cabinet door organizers on
    the sink cabinets to hold cleaning
    products you use every day, like
    spray cleaner or dish soap. Add a
    small basket inside the organizer
    to hold dishwasher detergent tabs.
    Place other cleaning items under
    the sink that you use less often
    in a basket on one side, keeping
    the items you use the most, like
    trash bags on the other side, rather
    than haphazardly putting anything
    anywhere. This keeps the sink
    cabinet neater.
    In the pantry and the
    refrigerator, remove any items that
    have been haunting the shelves
    too long. Specialty gourmet items
    you thought you’d use and haven’t
    should go in the trash.
    Clear out a shelf to put the
    toaster and other appliances
    inside a cabinet. If you don’t use
    it daily, put it away. Throw out
    all mismatched items, like plastic
    or dinnerware, and donate any
    doubles. Make it a point to wipe
    down refrigerator shelves each week
    before you go grocery shopping.
    Your refrigerator will be more
    streamlined and cleaner.

    To encourage getting rid of
    things, create a recycling and
    donation center at the back door.
    Junk mail can be dropped in
    easily on the way into the house,
    and when you’re in the kitchen,
    throwing away plastic or glass
    containers is in easy reach. Be
    sure to include a bin to hold
    items for donation. When you
    have a dedicated container for
    donations, you’ll use it more
    often and it’ll encourage more

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